Excursions to Lviv and tours to the wild west

Оглядова екскурсія Львовом

Sightseeing tours

for those who want to quickly get acquainted with the city, see the main historical and cultural attractions

пішохідні екскурсії по Львову

Thematic tours

are held for small groups, for the guests of the city which is not the first time in Lviv, for those who have already seen everything, but they want to surprise themselves

кава Львів филижанка кофе


for gourmets and connoisseurs of the flavor of the city flowing in glasses of wine, beer gloves, in the branches of coffee, hot chocolate and other delicacies

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Tours Wild West

What attracts the Event? - Traditionality, colorfulness, mysteries of ancient castles or silence of the Carpathian mountains ...

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Your attention is given to sightseeing and thematic excursions. Walking along the streets of the ancient city, excursions to cars, interesting stories of experienced guides about the lives of the inhabitants of the city of Lion

  • 1-8 people – 390 UAH
  • 9-15 people – 420 UAH
  • 16-25 people – 450 UAH
  • 26 and more – 490 UAH

    * the price is specified from the group of persons for one hour of excursion

Excursions are held in the following languages: Russian, English, język polski, deutsche sprache, français, italiana

  • 1-8 people – 290 UAH
  • 9-15 people – 320 UAH
  • 16-25 people – 350 UAH
  • 26 and more – 390 UAH

    * the price is specified from the group of persons for one hour of excursion

Individual sightseeing tours by car are held for up to four people, paid at a price of 390 UAH per hour – Ukrainian language, and 490 UAH per hour – foreign languages, and an additional cost of driving by car, which is 5 UAH per 1 kilometer

We will help you organize an excursion or excursion tour in the city of Lviv.
Experience with schools, boarding schools, universities, organizations, allows us to provide a complete list of related services and advice related to organizational issues, namely:

  • Motor transport: search, selection, maintenance of your transport, parking
  • Accommodation: selection of hostels and hotels, apartments, resettlement of groups from 1 to 100 people
  • Nutrition: selection, booking, menu
  • Services of a professional photographer
  • Information support

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Sightseeing tours

Familiarity with the main historical and cultural milestones of Lviv through the prism of its buildings, the history of people and events that created the city’s image for many centuries. During the excursion you will see various architectural ensembles, you will learn many interesting things from the history of our city. Get acquainted with the main stages of its development

Familiarity with the history and architectural face of the city. An overview of the most interesting memorials – ancient buildings, cathedrals, parks, fortifications, etc.
Passage through the unique medieval part of the city listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List: Market Square, Latin Cathedral, Boim Chapel, Kornyakta Belfry, Dominican Cathedral. Climbing 65-meter Lviv City Hall with a panoramic view of the city

Excursion in the evening of Lviv in the light of romantic lights, with a visit to museums and historical places: Cathedral of St. George, the central part of the city, the High Castle, the front of the gunpowder to the Dominican Cathedral, the pharmacy museum, the Rynok Square. passage near the town hall to the cathedral, Svobody avenue, external review of the opera theater im.M. Zankovetsky district, Armenian quarter, free time – dinner in cafe or restaurant of Lviv

There are 33 museums in Lviv, so this city can be called a city-museum. Museum of the History of Medicine of Galicia, Museum of Folk Architecture and Life, the State Museum of Natural History, the Literary and Memorial Museum, the Lviv Museum of Art, the Museum of the Lviv sacred baroque sculpture “Creativity of St. John of George Pinzel”, the Museum of ancient monuments of Lviv, the National Museum, the pharmacy museum. museums I. Franko, M. Hrushevsky; Museum of furniture and porcelain, etc.

The unique open-air museum invites you to visit the Market Square, the heart of the medieval Lviv, its trade, economic, and cultural center. The Town Hall with 44 Campaniles forms a unique architectural ensemble. Each kamiennytsia has its own history, features and wonders. You will get acquainted with the most famous of them: Black Canyon, palaces of Bandinelli, Kornyakta, Lyubomirsky and others

This excursion is for those who want to know the history of Lviv since its foundation. We invite you to see the church built by the prince for his wife where she is
still resides today. Visit the defensive monastery that defended the city from enemies. In conclusion, we propose to climb the High Castle, where once there was a princely castle

вулички Львова
бруківка львів
екскурсія по Львову на автомобілі

On the tour you will see: Medieval Jewish quarter, Krakivsky suburb, memorials to the victims of the Holocaust, the house where Sholom Aleichem lived, the Jewish hospital, the passages of Germanov and Grunerov, the museum of the history of religion (optional)

The tour represents Lviv in the late 18th-19th centuries. You will be able to see the house of the Galician Sejm (modern university), the casino, the Philharmonic, the Galician Savings Bank and the seated statue of freedom, learn the history of the invention of the kerosene lamp, examine one of the most interesting architectural monuments of Lviv – the palace of the Count of Potocki, built in the best traditions of the French palace architecture the middle of the 17th century

Little Paris – so the people of Lviv sometimes call their city, because Lviv has a lot of historical, cultural and architectural monuments, like the open-air museum. In Lviv there are more than fifty percent of architectural monuments from all those located in Ukraine. A significant part of them was created during Galicia’s stay in Poland

екскурсії старий львів
панорама Львова оглядова екскаурсия
Храми Львів екскурсія

The tour takes place in the oldest district of Lviv, introduces the history of Lviv princely times. Tourists will see the oldest religious buildings: the Church of St. Nicholas and Pyatnitsky Church, the monastery of Onuphriya, the Church of Mary the Snizhnoy, will visit the museum of archaeological excavations of Lviv, which is located in the church of John the Baptist

During the tour, you will learn about the history of the Armenian community in Lviv and its impact on the life of the local population. In the 1360s, a large Armenian community in Lviv began to build its magnificent temple. The Silesian architect Doring built a church on the model of the cathedral in Ani – the ancient Armenian capital on the territory of modern Turkey. Unique is the design of the dome – it relies on the hollow ribs, laid out from clay jugs

During the tour you will be able to familiarize yourself with the ex-German churches in Lviv, to learn about the influence of German settlers on life in an ancient city. After all, the first German settlers appeared here in the XIII century. and already in the princely Lviv was a German colony

екскурсії університет Івана Франка
оперний театр у Львові

During the excursion you will learn about the history of coffee consumption, its way to Europe and to Lviv. You will hear a story about the fight against coffee in medieval Europe and Asia, its causes and consequences, and a wealth of information about this popular drink and everything related to it. The first coffeehouses in Europe and in Lviv

This excursion provides the most complete information about the defensive system of the medieval Lviv: city walls, high and low castles, towers, ditches, shafts, gates, underground passages … You will have the opportunity to see the remains of defensive buildings, learn about their history, about sieges and assaults Lviv, the heroic defense of the city from numerous enemies. The story of the Streletsk Brotherhood-a kind of “school of chivalry” in the medieval Lviv, which was preparing townspeople for the defense of the city

Excursion is a novelty in the market of tourist services of Lviv! Tourists will learn about Lviv mysticism from ancient times to the present day. Stories about ghosts, alchemists, vampires … Visit the dungeon of the Jesuit church with the ghost of a disappeared monk and the underground of the Apteka Museum, where you will be in the crypt alchemist’s room. Undiscovered secrets of ancient Lviv, suicide, legends – all this in a thematic excursion “Lviv is mystical “!

Оглядова екскурсія Львовом
екскурсія парками Львова
картинка старий город

Thematic tours

The tour introduces the history of theater development in Lviv. Tourists will learn about the history of the construction of prominent theatrical structures in Lviv: the Opera and Ballet Theater, the former Count Scarc’s Theater. The route of excursion passes near the theaters of Les Kurbas, the theater “Resurrection” and the theater of young spectator

The tour introduces tourists with the literary work of the “Russian Trinity”, places associated with the name of M. Shashkevich – the bell tower of the Holy Spirit, the church of Lazarus, the Scientific Library. Tourists will see the places of literary activity associated with the names of Ivan Franko, Lesia Ukrainka, M. Kotsiubynsky, O. Fredra, S. Gopšnskiy, G. Zapolskaya, M. Konopnitskaya, monuments to writers and poets, will visit Lychakivsky cemetery

Throughout the centuries, Lviv has formed its own original culture and art, which has united many local traditions with the cultural influences of other peoples. There are centers of weaving, embroidery, pysankas, blacksmiths, making of beard, ceramics, bast glass, artistic metal processing, leather and other. The city is famous for talented artists. You will learn about the annual artistic events that attract lions and city guests

кава Львів филижанка кофе
площа ринок старі фото
пішохідні екскурсії по Львову

Ecological tourism – opens for us the other side of Lviv’s life. You have the opportunity to visit the unique botanical gardens of Lviv, the Museum of Biology. Our guides will take you an excursion with a description and a story about each plant that you are interested in, which you will learn a lot of interesting for yourself. Enjoy exotic plants in Lviv on an exotic tour

Lviv is the center of ethnicity and culture, in the territory of which there are 20 palaces. During the excursion you can visit: the Palace of Arts – the place of the National Forum of Publishers and other cultural events of Lviv; Palace of Sphinxes palace mansion beginning of the XIX century; Palace Bandinelli – monument to the facade; Palace of the Archbishops – a monument XVII-XVIII Palace of Justice – administrative

Lviv courtyards are a mysterious labyrinth in which you want to wander over and over again; It is worth making ten steps from the central square of the big city, and you are already surrounded by other time and reality; here you feel yourself as a treasure hunter, and you never know what you will meet in advance: a half-decollete stained glass or a mysterious embedded portal, forgotten paintings or carved screw stairs

пасаж екскурсии львов

The tour is dedicated to thirty years of filming of one of the most beloved films. During the tour, you will learn about how the film was shot, actors were selected, and you will visit places of filming in the city of Lion. Listening to the memories of the actors and directors of “Dartanjane and the Three Musketeers” and on the go, looking at the fragments from the movie

The Lviv Museum of Folk Architecture and Life every year visits a huge number of tourists who are interested in the life of the Ukrainian people. In 54 farmsteads there are 124 architectural monuments. Some of them are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Visit the seven ethnic groups on the territory of the museum, including Bukovina, Lemkivshchyna, Volyn, Hutsulshchyna, Boykivshchyna, Podillya and Polissya. You will also find out during a tour of the museum about the ceremonies and holidays

One of the villages adjacent to Lviv was once mentioned in the XVI century as the suburbs of Lviv. But even in the 1860’s there was already a “New World” urban district, which was based on Baikiki’s rural appearance. Architects Professor Julian Zakharevich and Professor Ivan Levinsky began to study in the 1890s from the east, who created here one of the most beautiful corners of Lviv, which for a long time was called Kastelivka

The historical center of Lviv crosses the kilometers of underground passages that have remained from different times. Many people are attracted to themselves, like a magnet. Some are supposed to find some mythical treasures there, others want to plunge into the atmosphere of the Middle Ages. If you like adventure, travel is full of secrets, mysterious surprises, shrouded in secrets – this excursion is for you

We invite you to visit the Lviv Opera House – the pearl and color of the city, which is one of the most beautiful buildings in Europe. The theater will impress visitors with a unique facade, decorated with sculptural compositions based on Greek myths and statues of muses. Theattic of the theater will immortalize three groups of “Glory” with a gilded palm tree, the symbol of the greatest reward for people who devoted their lives to art

The museum presents an exclusive collection of various exhibits, old beer bottles with embossed on glass; old beer mugs, barrels for transportation of beer, recipe books of the end of the XIX century.To the museum visitors have the opportunity to visit the tasting room. Everyone who is a minor can really appreciate the taste properties of a legendary drink, buy souvenirs


ретро город львов
Львів містичний тур по Львову

“Wine Tour” will tell you about interesting events and facts related to Lviv wine making. The fate of this unique drink in our city, the traditions of consumption, the famous genres of local and imported wines. Transportation, sale, storage, wine retention, methods of forgery, prominent wine merchants and famous wine-making, medicinal and culinary qualities of wines. Well, of course, here without a tasting …

Lviv is medieval, mystical, mysterious, mysterious … Is it interesting to you to dive about Lviv erotic? After all, our city is famous not only for the mysterious love story … The stories of love living in the walls of medieval Lviv tell you during our tour “Erotic Lviv”! (visiting the museum of erotica)

The culture of the Lviv coffee houses, the history and the tales of the once well-known and now popular coffee shops are waiting for you all year round. The atmosphere of real coffee with fresh newspapers, with intelligent conversations and mere life stories, is difficult to convey with words. Therefore, everyone who at least once visited Lvov is trying to try “figurine” of this fragrant Lviv coffee

Дахи Львова екскурсія
фото старого львова
пішохідна екскурсія площа Ринок Львів

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