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   We offer

   Tourist trip to Lviv

Lviv is a city of centuries-old history, various culture, high art, developed science, education, industry.
During Your trip by a city, we will offer to you the complete spectrum of accompanying services, taking advantage of which, you will be maximally able to feel a colour and spirit of ancient city.
We gladly will be Your guide and will do Your trip in the city of Lion unforgettable.  
    Business journey

We will do Your business trip maximally productive and comfortable.
The personal interest in the visit of Lviv with a business purpose increases its attractiveness as a tourist center. Closely connecting industrial, and scientifically technical potential with an unique culture, Lviv becomes the known center of the business meetings, visits, forums, exhibitions, conferences.   


    How to do an International Women Day and St.Valentine’s Day exclusive?

St.Valentine’s Day is celebrated on Feruary, 14, and an International Women Day on March, 8. Have you already thought over how to present this holiday to your sweetheart this time? If not, and you are both bored of annual flowers, champagne and candies, then here you are on the right way.
Elite apartments in the center of Lviv are a good alternative to the romantic supper in a restaurant or celebration at home.
Here you can order a supper, adorn the apartments with flowers or candles to surprise your beloved.



     Birthday is always a special holiday

Your birthday is always a special holiday. We become a year older or maybe matured, and surely wiser. Therefore we want to celebrate every our birthday even more interesting and more originally.
Your apartment is too small for all friends you want to invite –so we offer you an alternative to celebration in a restaurant or at home. Apartments are in the central part of Lviv due to your taste and finances. You also can order food for your holiday to your apartment.
    The charm of first wedding night

Finally it will happen! You thought over all stages of wedding to the smallest details, including fine points of the clothes and contests of the wedding party. But among all preparations remember about another thing – after the celebration is finished, you should enjoy your wedding night. A choice of place of the first marriage night must be an important preparation. If you live with parents, then in making this night an enchanting spectacle of senses you will succeed if only you will speak whisper and tiptoe. But it is not a good option. The best one will be to book the apartment due to your taste. It is a good alternative to the hotel numbers, our prices are far below as compared to prices in a hotel, all apartments are in the central beautiful parts of the city. At preparation to this event you can choose the apartment due to Your taste and finances. We will also help to prepare an apartment to this event.
We also guarantee a surprise for a newly married couple.

You can order a bottle of wine, fruits and eccentric appetizers to your apartment.
We will help to adorn the apartment with flowers, balloons and candles. Try to think of the favourite melodies of your sweetheart. You can choose something brand new, but still romantic. Pleasant music is a really important element of this night. We will find the records chosen by you and you will be able to surprise fiancee or fiance, and to enjoy them together. If you want to carry out all the preparations by yourself, then simply order your favourite flowers, candles and other favourite things, and display them the way you like.

Maybe Lviv is not your home town, or Your apartment is too small, or an interior for preparation to the holiday is inconvenient for you(ceremony at home, clothing a bride, benediction of parents) – do this day unforgettable - comfort, elite, age-old and modern interiors of apartments in the center of the city will add the elements of aristocratic and refinement to Your holiday.

Here you will be able to plunge into the epoch of Middle Ages, and to feel the spirit of wedding ritual of our ancestors which was conducted here half a millenium back. Also in our apartments you will be able to settle Your guests which have arrived in Your holiday. Comfortable and not expensive interiors will allow Your guests to rest comfortably after wedding party. Enjoy your wedding!