• housekeeper service
  • informational support
  • round-the-clock service
  • Wi-Fi and TV
  • bed linen
  • towels and hygiene products
  • cookware and dishes
  • iron and hairdryer
  • washing machine and clothes drying
  • autonomous heating
  • safe and clean lounge houses

Check-in time – 1:00 pm
Check-out time – 12:00 am

For apartments with an area of 100 m²
Settlement time:

Check-in time is 2:00 pm
Check-out time is 11:00 am

Settlement time can be changed in case:

  • Late past guests
  • it is necessary to carry out additional cleaning or minor repairs

A meeting and transfer of keys takes place in the rented apartment

Departures from apartments are made only in the presence of an administrator or maid

In case of settlement, you must present documents certifying your identity

  • When checking in and out, follow the time set by the administrator
    Follow the silence in the apartment and corridors of the house after 11:00 pm
  • Do not leave the electric appliances turned on when you leave the apartment
  • If you find technical problems, please inform the administrator
  • It is forbidden: smoking in apartments, holding noisy celebrations, accommodation of more people for the declared norm, damage to furniture, interior items

Booking department
+38 (067) 32 28 238
+38 (063) 07 80 482

You can book an apartment after confirming the order by the administrator and making a prepayment

Choose a payment method

For payment from abroad

The amount of prepayment is 100 UAH per 1 day


Reservation for 3 days: 100 UAH x 3 = 300 UAH *

* In some cases, the amount of prepayment may be the sum of the cost of one day of residence


  • It is necessary to make a prepayment within 24 working hours after the order is made
  • The money will be charged to our account from 1 to 3 banking days
  • We confirm the receipt of money by phone or by e-mail
  • Keep a receipt
  • Do not make a prepayment without confirming the order by the administrator

When canceling the reservation, call and send the requisites for a refund

The deposit funds can not be returned in the following cases:

  • We were not informed about canceling your stay
  • Cancellations were reported no later than 5 days before arrival
  • We were informed about the cancellation of the trip, but at the transfer of funds you were not specified (in the purpose of payment) your name, and other data for the identification of the person who made the prepayment

In the case of early release of the apartments by the tenant, the rent does not return

The payment for a residence takes place at the settlement, in full amount, the amount specified during the booking, minus the amount of the advance

Payment methods

  • cash in settlement
  • in any currency by market rate on the day of payment
  • money transfer through the Internet banking system
  • by recalculation (for enterprises)

In the case of early release of the apartment tenant, the rent is not returned

All accommodation is provided with a complete list of required accounting documents

The list includes

  • certificate of registration of an individual
  • certificate of a single tax payer
  • excerpt from a single state register
  • payment for a residence with a wet seal
  • a receipt for a cash cash order

Meeting at the railway station, bus station, at the airport and accompanying the apartments to the car.

  • the cost of the transfer service is:
  • airport – apartment – from 150 UAH
  • Train Station – Accommodation – from 60 UAH
  • bus station – apartment – from 100 UAH

Your attention is given to sightseeing and thematic excursions. Walking along the streets of the ancient city, excursions to cars, interesting stories of experienced guides about the lives of the inhabitants of the city of Lion

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